Life is Too Short to Troll

Dear Karen (as you call yourself now, AKA Truth, Fan etc.),

Thank you for trolling my blog. I’m guessing we probably know each other by your most recent comments. It also seems I have somehow wronged you and/or you don’t like how I live. I am sorry to hear this. I keep hitting delete because I do not want to solve our issues anonymously.

If you want to have your say, then I have to know who you are. If you want to just hate me, move on. Life is too short to play this game. You do not get to use comments on my blog. This is my place.

This will be the last thing I say to you unless you want to work this out for real. I am living my best life right now even if you think it is made of lies. Are you really living your best life when you make comments like this? No. Anonymous trolling is also living a lie. Truth.