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winter soul

I am the last piece of tinsel clinging to the fir that’s about to return to the earth

I am the first bud fighting activation by the sunshine I know is forgetting the last snow

I am the shade, the single cloud, the arch of a tree, providing respite from the dry heat

I am the first leave to turn on the branch and the last to fall, stretching on the way down towards peace on frosted ground

I am the first crystal to form in the sky, willingly joining other crystals, ready to find my place in a snow angel

I am a winter soul, an arctic fox, a counter of stars under the frigid night sky

10 thoughts on “winter soul”

      1. I read a lot of blogs, and those I that stand out I really try to be encouraging to the author. Yours is very personable and I couldn’t stop reading.

        And if I can’t stop reading I can’t shut up 😂🤦‍♂️

      2. Well…. I hope I’m not bothering you. But things really hit a wall Saturday when someone basically said I’m a stranger and nobody likes strangers coming to their blogs and talking. So that really hit me.

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